Taro Sago

A classic Asian dessert recipe that is best served cold in the summer. 

taro sago


Difficulty: Medium
Time: 1 hr

Ingredients: (12 servings)
2 cups diced taro
1 3/4 cup (14 oz) tapioca
1/2 cup sugar
400 ml coconut milk or 2 cups milk


Taro base:

  1. In a medium pot, add diced taro and water that is the eighth height of taro height. Cook on medium heat until boil, then cover and continue to cook on low heat for about 15 minutes or until taro is tender.
  2. Remove pot from heat and add sugar. Smash taro into a smooth texture. It is best to leave some chunks to compete with chewiness of tapioca. 


  1. In another medium pot, add water and cook until boil. Add tapioca and cook until it boils again. Once it boils, turn off the heat and cover for 10 minutes or till there is no longer white in the center of the tapioca.
  2.  Scoop up all of the tapioca and put them in ice water to cool down. 

3. Add tapioca, coconut milk into taro base. Serve immediately.

Surprisingly, tapioca won't grow even if it is put in the water for too long. (But best advice is to serve immediately, and store only for one to two days) This morning, I was in a hurry and I left tapioca in the water for almost 5 hours. When I got back home, I thought it would grow to the size that is same as the tapioca in Taiwanese bubble tea. Thankfully, it didn't. Phew

The secret weapon that makes tapioca chewy is ice water! You know how in medieval time when working with metal weapons require the repeating process of temperature changes? While the material is heated, put it in the ice water right away will make the bond of molecules stronger. It is the similar idea when making tapioca. You will see a huge difference if you try to cook tapioca without iced it. Same goes to cooking dumplings. It is crucial to add three cups of water separately, and water has to bring up to a boil each time before you put in another cup. 

Do you know any other recipe that requires similar process?

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